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What can I expect when my child is evaluated?

We are nonjudgmental and will treat your child with great care and respect.  Once your child is evaluated and therapy is deemed necessary, they will receive therapy and you or their caregiver will be educated on strategies and supports to be implemented at home and/or in the community.  We are available to answer questions and encourage parent participation in sessions for education and parent practice. The duration and frequency of sessions will be mutually decided upon dependent upon your child’s endurance and alertness for 30 or 60 minute sessions. 


Helping your child develop their communication skills is a team effort and caregivers are the first and foremost advocate.  We support working together!

What is speech? What is language?

Many ask if speech and language are the same. No, they are different and require different strategies dependent upon what a child displays. You can learn more at the links below.

How does my child hear and talk?

Hearing and talking are essential for verbal communication. However, if your child has had recurrent ear infections, this can possibly lead to delays in learning sounds and language development. Please see your pediatrician and a pediatric audiologist to assess your child’s hearing. Please read for more information…

At what age should my child say specific speech sounds?

Children develop sounds at varying rates. However, speech sound development can be tracked as children gain words in their daily routines and interactions. View a development chart here…

Does my child have to learn sign language?

Sign language is not necessary but is a strategy used to facilitate language growth and understanding. Some children respond more often when visual cues are coupled with the spoken word. Sign language can support communication and reduce frustration when infants and toddlers are learning how to express themselves. Parent friendly sign language programs can be found online, on DVDs and mobile apps.