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Individually focused therapy in your child’s natural environment.

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About Us

Helping children and their families reach their communication potential.

At Let’s Go Speech, we recognize each individual as a part of a family unit, having their own gifts and unique needs.

Our goal is to help children attain their speech and language competence to the best of their ability, making their needs our priority and strengthening family interactions.

Accepting Step Up for Students Scholarship, FES

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How We Help Your Family

Don’t wait and hope your child will outgrow a communication or feeding problem. Speech and language disorders can result in later problems with reading, writing and learning. These difficulties can also lead to problems with social communication and competence, such as making friends, maintaining relationships and understanding and responding to social nuances. Feeding difficulties can impact weight gain, an array of health problems and the ability to focus and be ready for learning. Early detection leads to early treatment.

Speech Sound Disorders

Speech Sound Disorders (SSD) comprises one of either origins, FUNCTIONAL or ORGANIC.


Language involves comprehension and expression across the spoken, written and auditory avenues.

Feeding & Swallowing

Feeding can be rewarding and yet a very frustrating event for families when a child is not eating well.

Why Choose Us?

Helping children is important.

We are licensed therapists providing skilled therapy for children birth to Fifth grade with tender care for many communication areas. Therapy is individually focused in your child’s natural environment whether that is at home, in a daycare or a neighborhood venue. Parent input and training is vital for continued development and ongoing progress. 

Licensed Therapists

Individually Focused

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What Parents Are Saying

    "Ann Marie is AMAZING. She has been working with my 3 year old, strong willed toddler for the last 1.5 years. As a new mother, I had several concerns with my son's speech progress. After working with her for a year, I am proud to say my child has caught up and is now testing age appropriate! Ann Marie has visited my child both at home and school. She has made accommodations and has shown compassion, and patience for my child that I just don't see nowadays.She has transformed my child and has worked through so many obstacles pertaining to my toddler. To find someone who loves what they do, is dependable, professional, knowledgeable and honest is rare."

    - Victoria G.

    St. Augustine, FL

      "We have had Ms. Ann-Marie as my son’s speech therapist for 7 years, and I can't think of a better therapist than her. She knows how to come up with an effective plan for my son, understanding his other conditions, not to mention that she genuinely cares about him. With her, we continue to see improvements in my son's speech, and I can't thank her enough!"

      - Jan H.

      St. Augustine, FL

      - Shana K.

        "Mrs. Ann-Marie has been with my son for 3 years. My son unfortunately wasn’t able to learn how to use bottle and had aspiration issues that led him to need a g-tube. He was high sensory also, with food aversion. With Mrs. Ann-Marie my son has accomplished so much! She is so passionate, and dedicated to her love of her job. I don’t know where us as a family or my son would be without her. She’s simply amazing, and I thank you everyday for her guidance."

        - Shana K.

        St. Johns, FL

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        The next step towards greater family connection starts with a screening. 

        Our personalized assessments will ensure your children get the treatment your family needs.